April 28, 2017


Welcome to Ducktown/Mrs. Harrill-1A

Welcome to Duck Town!!!



No School Friday, April 28th- Parish Festival

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  • Recycle chart is due on Monday.Image result for flat stanley



  • Flat Stanley Project  is in your child’s folder today. Please read information sheet, address the envelope and place 3 stamps on the envelope. We will take care of the rest of the project in school next week.



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May prayer/poem will be given to the children on Monday. This is our last one!!!!!!!!!!!

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Red Group

Sorts:  CVVC-short i/o   VCC-long i/o

Words: blind  ghost  mind  post  fold  mild  most  find  pond  cold  scold  gold  





Yellow Group  

Sorts:  CVC/CVCe/CVVC-oa/CVV-ow

Words:wrote  roam  loaf  oat  mow  know  row  long  close  roast  flow  throw


Homophones: roam/Rome


Orange Group

Sorts: CVC/CVVC-ee/CVVC-ea/CVVC-eaShort Oddball

Words: breath  beach  death  steam  sled  sweet  dream  great lead  street  bread  seat





Green Group  

Sorts: -ck short/-ke long/-ook

Words: truck  like  book  sock  smoke  look  strike  cook  lick  duke  spoke  pack





Religion: We will continue learning about the different parts of the mass.

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Science/Social Studies:


We will begin the study of plants.

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This is a great website to study for their Spelling Test.


http://educationextras.com/WithinWordPatternSorts.html logo



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The students will begin timed math tests. They will have one every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will be 20 problems, 10 addition and 10 subtraction in 2 minutes. They will all begin adding and subtracting the 1’s facts. They will need to pass 2 tests; either 1 or 2 wrong,  in order to add and subtract the 2’s facts. They will take tests until they reach the 10’s facts. At that point, I will challenge the students that have successfully passed all their tests. You will know the facts your child is on, because you will have to sign their test every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Today some of the students completed their 10’s math facts and will enjoy an ice cream cone on Monday.

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The next set of tests are Cheery Tests. It is mixed addition and subtraction. They must pass 4 Cheery Tests in order to go to the next level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow we have some children on the Strawberry Tests. These are 2 digit subtraction and carrying is involved with some problems. They must pass 5 tests in order to go to the next level.

Math:  Please have them work on only Math Facts and save Math 2.0 Please leave that for us at school.

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We will finish up the study of Geometry and begin the study of Measurement.

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Friday Farmers Market : Open

Student of the Week: Isabella Trummer



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


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