September 25, 2016


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

The children were very excited to do their word work, which was the second part of Daily Five launched this week.  They are able to practice recording their words using a variety of materials, from rocks to magnetic letters.  Needless to say, they are very enthusiastic about it!

Next Thursday at 2:00, we invite you to come into our classroom to read to groups of children for our first monthly Reading Celebration!  If you have a few minutes to spare, the children love this event.  It is a great way to show  them that reading is fun and pleasurable!  

We began a study of seasonal changes by comparing an apple tree in winter, spring, summer and fall.  We read the book, “The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree” and compared it with an informational text, “How Do Apples Grow?”.  Next week we will continue our apple theme by tasting a variety of apple products, charting our favorites, and comparing them using our five senses. If anyone would like to donate a jar of APPLE BUTTER for our unit, please let me know.  ALSO, PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD IN WITH ONE APPLE (any color) BY NEXT TUESDAY.  

In math, we will continue to learn ways to make number combinations and bonds to 12.  We will go to the library to have our first lesson on the Renaissance Math 2.0 program.  Greater than/less than will also be a focus next week, as well as one less than/greater than.  In religion, we will begin a creation unit and learn about the archangels.  

 For spelling, it  is a good idea for you to have your child do practice sorts at night so that they are able to know the differences between their words and to sort them  correctly on the test.

Many thanks to the Hernandez family, who brought in baby carrots for our Farmer’s Market today. Our “Emperor of the Week” program will begin the week after next.  


 Next week’s words are as follows:

Yellow – short vowel families “at”   “it”   “ot”

sat     that     rat     pat     mat     it     lit      kit     hit     rot     pot     lot


Purple — short “u” families  “ug”    “ut”   “un”

bug     tug     rug     mug     jug     nut     shut     hut     cut     bun      sun     run


Orange – “ag”     “it”     “eg”     “og”     “ug”  word families with beginning blends

snag     flag     wag     twig     fig     wig     peg     frog     jog     drug     plug     slug 


Green — “ish”  “ash”   “ush”

swish     wish     smash     crash     flash     rash     dash     flush     crush     blush     much     hush

Enjoy our first fall weekend!

Mrs. Nichols

Upcoming events:

Thursday, September 29 — READING CELEBRATION!  (2:00 – 2:25)

Thursday, September 29 — Mass of the Archangels (WEAR REGULAR UNIFORMS!)























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