October 21, 2014


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear 1B parents,

What a successful first Activity Day the children had! We could not have done it without the combined efforts of our 1B and 1A room liaisons to create activities for 60 first graders.   The PAC was filled with happy chaos!  Many thanks to Mrs. Brophy and Mrs. Kristiansen, our room liaisons, and to Mrs. Algeier, Mrs. Comeau, Mrs. Tuttle, Mrs. Ventura and Mrs. Vollano for coming in to assist with the activities.  Many thanks also to everyone who sent in donations.

Next week, we will have the first series of reading skills tests based on the stories and focus lessons from the last three weeks in our basal readers.  We will highlight  the short “u” sound.

The words for next week are as follows:

 Red:  short “a”   “i”   and “e” vowels with beginning digraphs

thick     chap     chick     shall     shack     shell     whiz     check     chill     thin      then     wham

Green: “ig”     “ip”     and “ill” word families

rip     zip     dig     hill     mill     lip     wig     pill     pig

Blue:  Short  “o”  and “a” vowels with oddball

bag     mom     cab     hot     for     was     mop     lot     wag     box     ran     had

 Purple:”ad”   “ed”    “ab” and “ob” word families

sled     cab     glob     glad     shed     grab     blob     tab     pad     led     bad     sob

In math, we will continue to learn and practice  the concept of  “part-part-whole” or “addend-addend-sum.”  This is a crucial concept for the children to grasp as they  learn the  relationship between addition and subtraction. We will begin fact families as part of that understanding of addition and subtraction.

We started our saint rock project by selecting five saints — Mary, St. Joseph, St. Rose of Lima, St. Michael the Archangel, and St. Francis.  We began “taking notes” about them, and will complete this process on Monday.  The children will bring home the name of their saint at that time.  Please feel free to supplement their “research” with any interesting facts you might find from other sources, as long as your child has an understanding of the material.   Meanwhile, you can go hunting for the rock.  They will bring home the symbol they will use to represent their saint on Monday as well, which will be painted or drawn on the rock at home.  

We will continue to discover why leaves change colors, and begin the life cycle of a pumpkin in science.


Thanks to Izel and her family for the apple slices for Farmer’s Market.  Brielle will have Greta this weekend and will be our Emperor next week. 

Upcoming dates:

Monday, October 20 — picture make up day

Thursday, October 23 — READING CELEBRATION!  All are welcome:)

Thursday, October 30 — end of first quarter

Thursday, October 30 — All Saints Day Mass, 8:30

Thursday, October 30 — Penny Bazaar

Friday, October 31 — No school, professional development

Happy weekend!

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