October 31, 2014


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

They are full of energy and sugar, but a good time was had by all at the Penny Bazaar!  Thanks to all who came in to help man the games and  who  donated prizes and candy.  A perfect close to the first quarter!  

Next week, we will begin the concept of adding doubles in math, and will show how subtraction relates to addition through  fact families.  We will continue to compare diurnal and nocturnal animals in a variety of ways as we discover more about the creatures of autumn —  bats,  owls and even squirrels.  We will respond to literature through the books “Owl Moon”, “Stellaluna” and “Squirrel Nutkin”.  The Saint Rocks look beautiful lining our hall, and we will begin to hear the presentations next week.

Our basal reading series will continue with the story, “A Surprise for Zig Bug.”  We will emphasize the concept of summarizing the story, or telling only the most important parts.  We will conclude our emphasis of the short “u” sound.  

The words for next week are as follows:

 Red:  short “e”   “o”   and “u” vowels with initial blends

slot     gloss     from     truck     slob     fluff     drug     frog     plug     drum     cross     dress  

Green: “an”    “un”    “in”    word families  (with some initial blends and digraphs)

thin     skin     than     grin     chin     plan     win     pan     van     ran     fin  fun

Blue: short “a” and “i” vowels with initial blends

spin     skip    grill     brat     slap     slam     drag     slid     crab     flip     drip     cram


 Purple”ill”    “ell”    and “all” word families

drill     small     spill     still     shell     smell     chill     well     tall     will     call     mill


Captain Cook will spend the long weekend with Robbie, our next Emperor.

Upcoming dates:

Monday, November 3 — Winter uniforms begin

Friday, November 7 — report cards sent home

Monday, November 10 — Conferences

Tuesday, November 11 — Noon dismissal, Veteran’s Day Mass, Conferences

Friday, November 14 — Noon dismissal

Happy Halloween and have a great long weekend with your children.  They have worked hard!

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