May 31, 2016


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

In math this week, we began to measure capacity and compared cups and pints.  Next week, we will move on to quarts and gallons, followed by weight. You’ll notice that the “gardens in a glove” came home.  Those seeds really do produce vegetables!! Plant the sprouts in a small container, then in the ground.  We’ll begin a social studies unit on wants and needs, supplemented by Junior Achievement lessons led by Mrs. Rodriguez, Noemi’s mother.  We’ll finish the year with the digestive system.  

Tuesday, May 31 is Field Day!  All students are to report directly to Linton Hall at 9:00 and must be picked up promptly at 1:00.  The children should wear their P.E. uniforms with any kind of sneakers.  Please apply sunscreen and bug repellent at home!!  If you’ve paid for your child’s lunch, he/she will have a hot dog, potato chips and a cold drink.  If not, please pack a bag lunch for your child.

Just another “gentle” reminder! Our second annual International Day is Tuesday, June 1.   Please think about participating in some way! You can join us at 9:30 if you would like to present something from your native country.  If you can’t make it into our classroom, you can send items for your child to show and share with us.  Finally, if you would like to provide a native dish, we always get excited about trying new foods in 1B! You can send it in with your child or drop it off by 10:00.  This is a wonderful way for your children to celebrate their heritage and tell their classmates about it.  

We will have our VERY LAST word list, which will continue for two weeks.  The FINAL spelling test will be Friday, June 10th.

Here are the words for the next two weeks:

Fuschia:  short “a”    “a__e”     “ai”     “ay”

past     glass     stand    shape     taste     brave     aid     nail     Spain     pray     play     stray


Turquoise: CVCC     CVVC     CVCe     CV     and CVV

sold     light     bind     school      sneak     steep      wave     slide     scene     way     dry     glow


Yellow:  short “o”     “o__e”     oddball

spot     chop     hot     rock     job     stove     rose     broke     hole     home     come     some


Purple:”ir”     “ire”     “ier”     oddball

girl      first      shirt     third     wire     fire      tire     pliers      crier     pliers     fur     their


Orange: short “u”     “ew”     “ue”

trunk     thumb     brush     knew      chew      grew     new     clue     glue     blue     sew     do


It’s not too late for Farmer’s Market!  We have two more Fridays of the school year left!

Finally, mark June 9 on your calendar in BOLD LETTERS!  The children want to share their love of reading with you for our final Reading Celebration at 2:00.


Monday, May 30 — Memorial Day holiday

Tuesday, May 31 — Field Day

Tuesday, June 1 — International Day (see the flyer sent home)

Thursday, June 9 — Reading Celebration presented by 1B!


Happy Memorial Day weekend, and thanks to all who serve!!

Mrs. Nichols 






















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