October 1, 2014


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

It’s  hard to believe that September is coming to an end and that we’ll be shifting our focus from apples to pumpkins! This week, we enjoyed applesauce not once, but twice, and explored the “tall tales” and character traits of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed.  Our first Reading Celebration was a huge success, and MANY THANKS to our parents who came in to share a few books with groups of children.  They all gave it a “thumbs up!”

  We began  the short “i” sound and will continue our concentration on that vowel next week.  We also will begin the stories from the basal reading series next week, and add the “work on writing” component to our Daily Five. The word study sorts  are as follows:

Red: “ish”     “ash”      and “ush” word families

smash     flush     crash     swish     blush     crush     flash     mush     wish     rash     dash   hush

Green:”op”     “ot”     and “og” word families

pop     hot     dot     mop     jog     top     frog     log     hop     cot     dog     pot

Blue:  “ill”     “ell”     “all”   word families

drill     small     spill     still     shell     smell     chill     well     tall     will     call     mill

Purple:”ig”     “ip”     “ill”    word families

dig     zip     rip     hill     mill     lip     wig     pill     pig

We became familiar with positional, or ordinal, numbers this week, and began to tackle word problems.  Next week will begin with a series of assessments that will occur about once a month — a quiz, a chapter  test, and a cumulative review.  We will then begin addition.  

In religion, we learned  about original sin through Adam and Eve and began a “Family Tree of Jesus”, in which we will meet significant Old Testament characters and learn about their faith in God.  We also will begin the mysteries of the Rosary.

A small request — could you save the plastic tops from water bottles, milk or other containers and send them in with your child (especially the yellow or blue ones)?  Thank you!!

Many thanks to the Bright family for the delicious watermelon Carmen shared with us.  Our new Emperor is Ethan Hensley.

Upcoming dates:

October 3 — noon dismissal

October 9 — 1st Grade field trip to the zoo!

October 12 — Columbus Day holiday

October 16 — Activity Day

October 17 — noon dismissal 


Happy weekend! 

Mrs. Nichols


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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