September 22, 2014


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

The week is closing having been immersed in apples.  We used our five senses to taste a variety of apple products.  I am predicting that our voting results tomorrow will result in a landslide victory for — Apple Jacks!  So much for our nutrition unit!  We will learn about legends and explore the importance of Johnny Appleseed next week.  

We have reached our reading stamina goal of 20 minutes , and have begun to learn to read with partners.  Next week, I will introduce the “work on writing” component of Daily Five.  Our first Reading Celebration is next week, and we invite you to come in and share a book or two with a group of children.  It will begin at 2:00 and end at 2:25.  

We will wrap up our concentration on short “a” sounds and begin short “i” next week.  The word study sorts for next week are as follows:

Red: “ick”   “ack”   and “uck”   word families

stick     quack     black    snack      thick     truck     trick    quick     stuck     tick     shack     rack

Green: “ap” and “ag” word families

nap     wag     cap     rag     map     bag     tag     flag     lap

Blue:  “ag”   “eg”   “ig”   “og”   “ug” word families

snag     drug     frog     plug     twig     flag     slug     jog     fig     wig     peg     wag

Purple:  “ug   “ut”   “un” word families

bug     shut     bun     nut     rug     hut     sun     tug     jug     mug     cut     run

Our math next week will be ordinal numbers, problem solving and a quiz to end the week.  Ask the children about the math alligator!  In religion, we will complete our creation books, which the children are doing with partners, and learn about original sin through Adam and Eve.

Our Emperor  is Bryce Cooney, who will entertain Captain Cook for the weekend.  Many thanks to Caitlin Williams and her family for the delicious Farmer’s Market respberries.

Upcoming dates:

September 25 — 1B Reading  Celebration!!

September 26 — Noon dismissal

October 9 — 1st Grade field trip to the zoo!  Please send in permission slips and money.



Have a beautiful fall weekend!

Mrs. Nichols


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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