December 8, 2016


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

This week, we thought about the season of waiting and preparing as we made our first Advent goal.  We began a family tree of Jesus, in which we will learn about several Old Testament figures leading up to the birth of Christ.  We learned how to add three numbers.  Ask your children the steps they follow. We will take a series of assessments in math also, then go on to subtraction through fact families.  

Next week will find us comparing several versions of the gingerbread story.  We will identify the story elements of character, setting, problem and solution, as well as the main idea and supporting details through these stories.  We will also think about the character traits of each gingerbread boy or girl we meet.  We will take our reading skills tests next week as well.  

If you have not already done so, please send in your activity fee of $15.  The Peace and Justice Club is collecting mittens for children in need.  Thank you!!

Our words for next week will be the last for the year.  They are as follows:



Green — short “a” and “ar” comparison and oddball

part     arm     park     shark     brag     dark     are     yard     trap     card     war     art

Purple: “ick”  “ack”   “ock” and “uck” word families

sick     quick     black     snack     clock     truck     block     stuck     tick     quick     lock     luck

Orange:  short vowels with ending digraphs and “ss” and oddball


such     rich     much     wash     brush     push     bath     cloth     math    guess     grass     class     guess

Yellow:  short vowels with beginning digraphs

thick     chick     shell     whiz     check     thin     shin     them     chip     whip     when     ship


Enjoy the weekend of Christmas preparations!

Mrs. Nichols


The calendar is starting to fill up!  Here are some upcoming events:



Thursday, December 8 — Mass of the Immaculate Conception.  Wear regular uniforms!!

December 8 — Activity Day.  

Thursday, December 15 — Reading Celebration

Monday, December 19 — Christmas Pageant (details to follow)

Wednesday, December 21 — class party and noon dismissal


























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