February 28, 2015


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

What does a full week of school look like??  Next week — hopefully — the children will work together to organize information and do research about their penguin groups. They will explain their posters to the class and exhibit them  in a “penguin gallery”on the bulletin board outside of our classroom. We will return to our basal reading series, Theme 5, “Home Sweet Home.” The phonics skills will be long “a” and “i”, digraphs, including “tch”, final “nd” “nk” and “ng” words, and a review of contractions.  Through the stories, we will continue to compare/contrast, examine cause and effect, and make inferences.   

Please help your child  understand the concept of “small sacrifices” through their Lenten Bouquets.  We will continue our timeline of Jesus’ life next week by learning about Jesus’ parables.  Specifically, we will learn about the Good Samaritan and Jesus as the good shepherd.

In math, we will practice  adding and subtracting ten as part of our place value unit.  Ask your children to show you “happy counting,” a fun way to reinforce adding and subtracting by ten.   You can also give your children some  pennies and dimes to help them understand place value.  

Be on the lookout for some interesting “trash”!  The children will be creating leprechaun traps in groups at school, and will use their creativity and imagination to design and put together those traps.  A letter will follow next week.

Our words and sentences for next are: 

  Purple: short vowels with final digraphs(ch, sh, th, wh)

push     brush     wash     grass     fresh     guess     pass     bath     rush     miss     cloth     such     

I will rush to wash the car and cut the grass.

The chick went into the shack then got a chill.

Blue: short “u” versus long “u__e”   oddball

club     such     shut     hunt     jump     just     flute     rude     June     tune     tube     put

In June, I will play such a good tune with my flute.

Red: short “a”  long “a__e”; long “ai”    oddball  

flash     camp     rash     frame     blame     chain     tail     main     faint     train     said     want

I want to take a train to camp in a flash.

Green:  short vowels with initial digraphs 

chick     chap     chill     check     shell      shack     whiz     wham     thick     then     thin  when

The chick went into the shack.

A note about homework:  In first grade,your children should be spending on average 10 – 15 minutes on homework each night.  

On frigid weather days, please send your children to school with warm winter coats, hats and gloves!

Dates to remember:

Wednesday, March 4 — Stations of the Cross, 2;15

Friday, March 6 — Noon dismissal

Thursday, March 26 — READING CELEBRATION

Enjoy the weekend, 

Mrs. Nichols 

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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