January 25, 2015


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

            That weather again! Enough of the ice and slush!  We were able to talk about the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and constructed a timeline of his life on the bulletin board outside of our classroom.  We learned lots of powerful words and sequenced the major events of his life.  Next week, we will compare how animals survive in winter through migration or hibernation.  In religion, we will learn about the life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and begin to discover some of the important events in the life of Jesus.

                      In math,we will then begin Venn diagrams, and practice recording and interpreting data on bar graphs and charts.  The timed addition/subtraction tests will have begun. I hope you were able to read the information sent home last week about these tests.  Look for their folders tomorrow with their tests and graphs.

We will return to our basal readers next week.  The new words are as follows:

Red:  short “i”    long “i”   oddball

spill     thin     swim     flip     gift     nine     nice     drive     life     hike     prize     give

Purple:  short “a”   “i”    and  “e”  with beginning digraphs “ch”    “sh”   “th”   and “wh”

chap     chick     check     chill     shell     shack     shall     thick     thin     then     wham     whiz

Green:     “ick”     “ack”     “uck”

stick     thick     quick     trick     tick     black     quack     snack     rack    shack     truck     stuck

Blue:  short “o”    and  “or”  with oddball

shop     job     pond     spot     trot     rock     torn     short     sport     storm     horn     work

We have not begun our traditions writing, but it really is still in the plans!  If you haven’t done so, please  chat with your children about things that you do as a family to celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc. so that they will have an idea when we actually do sit down to write.   Again, it doesn’t have to be a major event, just anything you do that is special to your family.  It can be as routine as  pancakes on Saturday mornings, visits to grandparents, trips to the beach,  etc.  Your children might look back on those small moments and say “remember when we always used to . . . . . . ” Thanks for your help!

Hundredth Day Alert!!!   Because of the snow and ice, the official celebration will be sometime the second week of February.  But now is the time to think about that 100-Day collection!  Hair ties?  Paper clips?   Stickers?  Anything that can be arranged in groups of ten and attached to cardboard, poster board, etc. Be creative, but your child must be able to carry it throughout the school for our parade.  

Thank you for your very generous support of the Peace and Justice baby drive!  You are the best!

Upcoming dates:

January 23 — end of second quarter

January 23 — Noon dismissal

January 26 — Catholic Schools Week begins  (Monday — Vocations day; Tuesday — student appreciation day (dress-down day; free ice cream and no homework); Wednesday — Priest appreciation day; Thursday — Staff appreciation day; Friday — teacher appreciation day)

January 30 — Noon dismissal

January 30 — report cards sent home

Enjoy the weekend and maybe the snow!

Mrs. Nichols


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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