February 14, 2016


1B Mrs. Nichols



Dear 1B Parents,

Thanks to our wonderful room liaisons and volunteers for creating crafts and fun times in first grade!  Yesterday’s activity day was a huge success!  

We have met our first grade  challenge: 30 readers, 9 days, 100 books! The children were reading up a storm and writing their books and authors on sticky notes to place in the hallway.  On to the 100th day of school, which is still scheduled for Friday, February 19th.  

We finished  our skills tests, and will begin our Theme 4 readings next week.  We will learn how to infer and summarize  through the stories in that unit and some other favorite books.  In math, we’ll continue to create graphs and analyze information from them. We’ll do word problems to compare information on the graphs.  We’ll finish  hibernation, migration and adaptations with a “blubber” experiment and a test, then begin comparing the lives and accomplishments of George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

By now you have seen the children’s  “Lenten Bouquets”.   Please continue to help them understand the concept  of “small sacrifices make a big difference”  as they go through the Lenten season.

Thanks to the Munsell family for their “famous fruit salad”!  Anthony will be our new Emperor.  

The words for next week are as follows:  (Please note: next week, I will  give a dictated sentence each week.  At first, I will preview the sentence with the weekly word list, but eventually the children will write the sentence sight unseen.  I will be grading correct spelling of word list words, capitalization and punctuation.)


Yellow:  short “e”   “o”   “u”   with beginning blends  and oddball

sled     dress     fret     bled     trot     drop     cross     frog     club     slug     drum     plug

The frog will sled to his club.


Fuschia:  Contractions  (same list)  

I’m     can’t     it’s     that’s     didn’t     don’t     wasn’t     I’ll     isn’t     he’s

I can’t go with you because I’ll be late. 


Orange:  short “i”     long “i___e”     oddball

gift     flip     thin     swim     spill     prize     hike     life     nice     drive     nine     give

I will give you a nice gift if you win the prize.


Turquoise:  short vowel words with “ck”      long-vowel words with “ke”     words ending in “k”

truck     sock     lick     pack     like     smoke     strike     spoke     book     look     cook     shook

The cook looked at the smoke and shook.


Purple:  short “o”     “o__e”     “oa”     oddball

lost     soft     cross     drove     whole     stone     road     boat     soap     goat     love     none

The goat got lost when he drove down the road.


Have a fun, long weekend and stay warm!

Mrs. Nichols


Upcoming events:


Monday, February 15 — President’s Day (no school)

Thursday, February 18 — Stations of the Cross, 2:15

Friday, February 19 — 100th day of school

Thursday, February 25  — Reading Celebration!

(Please note: new date for Reading Celebration due to 

      Stations of the Cross!)






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