October 10, 2015


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear 1B parents,

         This week in 1B we began to compare and contrast through narrative and informational writing.  We compared our school to one in a basal reader article, and learned to record information on a Venn diagram.  We listened to three different versions of the Johnny Appleseed story and compared information we learned from them.  We also compared facts and legends through Johnny Appleseed.  Next week, we will begin to explore “cause and effect” through the story “Pigs in a Rig.”  Our phonics focus will be short “o” as it is seen in word families.

     We completed our five-senses writing by describing either apples or the season of fall through our senses.  We also learned how to begin our writing by thinking of a topic, and introduced “work on writing” as part of our Daily Five.  Ask your child about Ralph and how he overcame writer’s block!

     In math, we will continue to learn addition strategies by making ten, doing “number bond dashes”, learning to use a number line, and  word problems.  Next week, we will explore the life of Christopher Columbus, and learn about the Rosary as a devotion to Mary.  

                 We hope you all received the information about our “Museum of Saints” and will have a chance to talk with your child about a chosen saint.  The names are due Tuesday.  We  emphasize that it is an activity for parents and children to do together, but  ultimately it is your child’s project.

               A note about uniforms:  With chillier weather coming up, please send your child to school with a WELL-MARKED sweatshirt and sweatpants.  They must have the All Saints logo on them.  Did I mentioned “well-marked”?  

      The words for next week are as follows:

Red –“ish”   “ash”   “ush” word families with beginning blends 

swish     wish     dish     smash     crash     flash     rash     dash     flush     crush     blush     mush

Blue -“ick”     “ack”     “uck”     “ock”  word families   with beginning blends

black     quack     snack     rack     sick     quick     tick     clock     block     lock     truck     stuck

Purple — “ag”    “eg”     “ig”     “og”     “ug”   word families with beginning blends

snag     flag     wag     peg     twig     fig     wig     frog     jog     drug     plug     slug


Green —  “at”    “ot”    “it”  word families

mat     pat     rat     sat     that     lot     pot     rot     hit     kit     lit     pit

Orange — “ip”   “ig”   “ill”  word families

pig     dig     wig     lip     zip     rip     pill     mill     hill

Many thanks to the Hess and Munsell families for our very healthy farmer’s market offerings this week!  We tasted warm, fresh beets from Amira, and a delicious fruit salad from Michael.  Our emperor this week is Ahtziri.

Upcoming events:

Tuesday, October 13 — field trip forms due!

Thursday, October 22 — Activity Day

Reading Celebrations:  Thursday, October 15

                                           Thursday, November 19

                                            Thursday, December 17

Tuesday, October 27 — field trip to the zoo

Thursday, October 29 — Penny Bazaar, first quarter ends

Friday, October 30 — No school, professional development day

Enjoy the long weekend, 

Mrs. Nichols





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