February 24, 2017


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

Next week, we will begin our first grade Lenten journey by learning that “small sacrifices make a big difference.”  To support this, you will find in today’s folder a “Lenten bouquet” of good deeds that your child can do during the Lenten season.  Attached is a letter of explanation.  We’ll also participate in some Rice Bowl activities.  

We’ll continue to compare and contrast two historical figures, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  In math, we’ll practice adding and subtracting ten from two digit numbers, and conclude place value with writing numbers in expanded form.  We’ll begin to learn to summarize a story in reading, as well as identify ways to make  long “i”.  We are reading  “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”.  Through that novel, we’re identifying character traits, recognizing new vocabulary, and learning to summarize and infer.  

Below is a link to order the 2017 yearbook:


The words for next week are below.  For each group’s sentence,   I will grade punctuation, capitalization and correct spelling of the weekly words.  Also, please have your children practice sorting their words correctly so that they can place them in the proper sorts on their weekly tests.  

Green —  short “0”   “o__e”  long “oa”  oddball

stone     cross     float     coat     toad     soft     toast     none     whole     load     foam     slope

I would like a whole piece of toast.  


Purple: comparing short “o” with “or”  with oddball

trot     rock     spot     job     pond     shop     horn     sport     storm     short     torn     work

After the storm, I will work at my job.  


Orange:  short “u”  “u__e”   oddball

put     flute     rude     June     club     such     tune     tube     shut     hunt     jump     huge  

I will sing a tune and play my flute at the club.   


Yellow:  short “a”   “a__e”  oddball

ask     sack     snap     grass     last     page     came     face     rake     same     made     what

I came to rake and cut the grass.  


We have openings for Farmer’s Market for the rest of the year!  Let me know if you’d like to send in a healthy fruity or veggie snack.   

Happy long weekend!

Mrs. Nichols


Here are some upcoming events:

Wednesday, March 1 — MASS, Ash Wednesday (wear regular uniforms)

Monday, March 13 — Professional development, no school

Thursday, March 16 — Reading Celebration, 2:00





























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