April 28, 2017


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

As we were doing our calendar this morning, the children were surprised to find that there will not be much left in the month of April when they return from the Easter break!  Please have them bring  their Lenten bouquets to school’ when we come back, as we will do some reflective writing.  In math, we will conclude time and go on to geometric shapes.  We’ll talk about recycling, reusing and reducing, map skills as we learn the continents and oceans, and plants.  


   Our next  Reading Celebration  will be APRIL  27th,  followed by our final — and very special — Reading Celebration on MAY 25th.  We hope you’ll be able to make that one, as the children will be reading to you!  Finally, the PTPO is sponsoring a Literacy Night on Tuesday, April 25. Please consider coming to learn  how you can nurture your child’s love of reading.  Research shows that children who enjoy reading are curious learners and successful students!

SPECIAL REQUEST!  We have a lot of runny noses in our class, but we’re out of tissues!  If you did not bring them in when I requested paper towels, tissues or hand sanitizer, could you send in a box or two?  At this rate, we won’t make it through the year! 

 After the Easter break, I will no longer preview the dictated sentence .  I will give the children a dictated sentence on the day of the test. Below are the words for the week of April 24:

Green – long “a” patterns:  a__e;  ai;   and “ay” (open syllable)

past     glass     stand     shape     taste     brave     aid      nail     Spain     pray     play     stray


Purple:  short “u”    long “u_-e”     oddball

put     flute     rude     June     club     such     tune     tube     shut     hunt     jump     huge  


Orange:   short and long “u” patterns:   “oo”     “ui”     “u__e”    oddball

tooth     spoon     prune     moon     build     trust     juice     bump     mood     broom     skunk     dude     


Yellow:  “ck”     “__ke”      __k

truck     sock     lick     pack     like     smoke     strike     spoke     book     look     cook     shook


Mrs. Weitendorf and I wish you a most blessed Easter, safe travels’and a fun week with your children and families!

Mrs. Nichols


Here are some upcoming events:

Thursday, April 13 — Noon dismissal for Easter holiday

     Report cards home

Tuesday, April 25 — PTO-sponsored Literacy Night

Thursday, April 27 — READING CELEBRATION!

Friday, April 28 — No school, Parish Festival






























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