October 26, 2016


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

It was a beautiful day for a Reading Celebration!  Many thanks go out to our parents who came in to share some books!  This weekend, the saints will arrive!  The children had so much fun assembling them today, and they look — well, bright —  and definitely made by your child.  They should be sent back to school by November 1 filled with “artifacts” that represent the saint’s life.  The children are VERY excited about this.  While making them today, I overheard many “saintly exchanges”!  

In math, we will continue addition through missing addends and number bonds.  The children have added some new math words to their vocabulary — addends and sums.  They know that these are the same as parts and wholes.  We will find words with the short “o” sound, and identify the characters, setting, problem and solutions in a narrative.  In science, we will look at the life cycle of a pumpkin through the story “Pumpkin Jack”.  We’ll continue to find out why leaves change color.  

In religion, we will have a special unit on the sanctity of life.  We will  discuss that all people are treasured and respected at every stage of their lives, from birth to death.  To support this unit, we will do two things.  The organization, BIRTHRIGHT, offers assistance to expectant mothers and their babies.   In first grade, we are asking for a small donation to send to Birthright of Manassas.  We would appreciate a donation of $1 per child to support this organization.  Please send it in an envelope by Monday if you care to donate.  We will also make cards for my father-in-law, who recently celebrated his 98th birthday!  He will be thrilled to receive the children’s well wishes!

Our trip to the zoo is next Thursday.  Look for  a letter to come home on MONDAY with the details.


Please remember to send back the nightly reading books.  They should be returned in the blue folders each day.  


We  still have a sweatshirt (size S) and now TWO girls’  sweaters (size YS) in our classroom.  Are you   missing these items?  Both are unmarked.  With the colder weather coming, PLEASE, PLEASE mark your children’s clothing, coats, etc. in  permanent marker with the current owner!!



 Next week’s words are as follows:  (PLEASE NOTE: due to the short week next week, we will explore these features and words for TWO WEEKS.  The test will be Friday, November 4, but there will be homework each night.)

Yellow –  “ill”     “ell”     “all”  word families

drill     small     spill     still      shell     smell     chill     well     tall     will     call     mill


Purple — “ad”    “ed”     “ab”    and “ob” word families with beginning blends (pay special attention to practicing those “b’s” and “d’s”!)

sled     cab     glob     glad     shed     grab     blob     tab     pad     led     bad     sob


Orange -short “a”   and “i” with initial blends

spin     skip     grill     brat     slap     slam     drag     slid     crab      flip     drip      cram


Green — short vowels with final blends   oddball

half     dust     left     list     nest     tusk     mask     soft      milk     fist      help     raft


Enjoy the crisp fall weather this weekend,

Mrs. Nichols


Upcoming events:


Thursday, October 27 — Field trip to the Zoo

Thursday, October 27 — end of first quarter

Friday, October 28 — no school, professional development























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