May 6, 2016


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

Happy Mother’s Day to all our 1B moms!  We hope the rain clears for some of the weekend at least and that you enjoy your special day.  Our flat first graders were sent off this week, and we look forward to their arrival back at All Saints soon.  We’re planting our seeds in gloves, and will observe them each day and record our observations weekly in plant journals.  Those seeds really do grow!  In math, we’ll conclude  time and money with a test and a cumulative review.  Our next unit will be measurement.  We have created a May altar in our classroom.  If you have any blooms from your yard, please send them in.



Here are the words for next week:

Fuschia:  short “e”   long “ee”  long “ea”

less     web     next     jeep     week     teeth     keep     leaf     teach     weak     peach     clean


Turquoise: short “u”     long “ew”     long “ue”     oddball

trunk     thumb     brush     knew     chew     grew     new     clue     glue     blue     sew     do


Yellow:  long “a”      short “a”

hand     fast     trash     crash     land     bake     came     plane     date     gate     grape     lake  


Purple:  Review of long vowel patterns

sold     light     bind     school     sneak     steep     wave     slide     scene     way     dry     glow


Orange:  Review of long vowel patterns

wait     rail     mail     throat     coast     toast     need     wheel     three     pea     seat     neat


We have openings for Farmer’s Market, so let me know if you’d like to bring in a fruit or vegetable for Friday snacks!  Thanks to the Saylors, who brought in strawberries and blueberries today.  


Here are some upcoming events to mark on your calendars:  


Thursday, May 19 — Race for Education

Thursday, May 19 — Reading Celebration

Monday, May 30 — Memorial Day holiday

Tuesday, May 31 — Field Day

Tuesday, June 1 — International Day (details to follow!)


Have a great weekend, 

Mrs. Nichols 






















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