April 24, 2014


1B Mrs. Nichols



Dear Parents,

Mrs. Helmick and I wish you the most blessed Easter and a wonderful break with your children!  We hope you have some restful and fun family times together!  Thank you for the lovely flowers, and again, I thank you for your comforting words and cards.

While I don’t want you to focus on word study for the week, here are the words the children will have when they return on the 28th:

Green:  final “k” sound spelled “ck”    ”ke”   and “k”

book     like     truck     look     smoke     sock     lick     cook     strike     pack     spoke     duke  


Purple: Short and long “o” (“oa”  ”o_e)

stone     cross     float     coat     toad     soft     toast     none     whole     load     foam   slope


Blue: The “devil sort” — short “e” and long “e” (“ea”  ”ee”)

death     beach     breath     sweet     sled     steam     lead     great     dream     seat     bread     street


Red:  ”ir”    ”ire”    ”ier”

first     fur     dirt     wire     twirl     stir     skirt     crier     chirp     thirst     swirl     pliers


In math, we will pick up on time to the half hour and lapsed time.  Start asking your children to tell you what time it will be if soccer practice starts at 6:00 and end  one-half hour or one hour later.  These practical experiences will be the best way to help your child with time.

It will be  reduce, recycle and reuse when we return, followed by a study of flowers. We also look forward to the return of our flat first graders as we go into May!

Just a gentle reminder to encourage your children to  make the most of the last few days of Lent by making  those little  sacrifices and filling in some flowers on their bouquets.  These should be returned to school after Easter, when the children will write a reflection on them.


Our new emperor is Mia Dalusung.


 Farmer’s Market opportunities:

  Please let me know if you’d like to sign up!  Here are the families who have signed up for the remainder of the year:


The Antelo’s — May 9

The Melchiorre’s — May 16

As you can see, there are LOTS of opportunities to bring in a healthy fruit or vegetable snack on Fridays!


Dates to remember:

April 30 — Earth Day dress-down day — children can wear green, blue or brown with jeans or long shorts.  $1.

May 1 — Mass and May crowning — 8:30

May 2 — No school; set-up for parish festival 

May 8 — Race for Education



Again,  I wish you many blessings for a happy and holy Easter!


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