April 17, 2014


1B Mrs. Nichols



Dear Parents,

The bulletin board was filled with touching messages from your children when I returned to school on Monday!  Thank you for all your expressions of comfort and concern at the death of my father and my mother-in-law.  Your prayers helped me through some difficult weeks!

Looking to next week, there will be NO WORD STUDY.  We will continue with our basal reading theme with “EEK! There’s a Mouse in the House”.  The phonics focus will be long “e” represented by “ee” and “ea”, as well as “e_e”.  We will make predictions, draw conclusions and identify cause-effect as we read the story.  We will have our vocabulary test on WEDNESDAY.

A quiz in Math on Monday will include counting change up to $1.00 on  We’ll then march on to time.  This unit will include time to the hour, half hour and lapsed time.  Start asking your children to tell you what time it will be if soccer practice starts at 6:00  one-half hour, or one hour.  These practical experiences will be the best way to help your child with time.

We will continue learning about organisms through insects.  Ask your children to point out the parts of an insect using the playdough bugs they created and — hopefully — brought home in one piece.  They will be glad to tell you all they know!  We completed our timelines of the life of Jesus with the transfiguration. Just a gentle reminder to encourage your children to make those little Lenten sacrifices and fill in some flowers on their bouquets.  These will be returned to school after Easter, and the children write a reflection on them.

Your flat first graders were sent home this week, and hopefully will be sent off to all parts of the world very soon.  It’s very exciting when they return to All Saints and we can talk about where they have been!


Our new emperor is Savanna Loy.

Thanks to the Loy and Summers family for our Farmer’s Market snack.  The Summers brought in watermelon, and we will enjoy carrots with Ranch dressing on Monday.  The Trinh family brought a surprise baked treat as well.


 Farmer’s Market opportunities:

  Please let me know if you’d like to sign up!  Here are the families who have signed up for the remainder of the year:


The Antelo’s — May 9

The Melchiorre’s — May 16

As you can see, there are LOTS of opportunities to bring in a healthy fruit or vegetable snack on Fridays!


Dates to remember:

Picture Day — Wednesday, April 16

Thursday, April 17 — half day

Holy Thursday services: Prayer service @ 9:30; Passion Play @ 10:45.

April 18 — Easter break begins.  Classes resumes Monday, April 28.


Mrs. Helmick and I wish you many blessings for a happy and holy Easter Season!

Enjoy the  lovely spring weekend,

Mrs. Nichols
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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