March 22, 2017


1B Mrs. Nichols


Dear Parents,

A good time was had by all at our “trap-building” event today,  the perfect way to come back after a five-day weekend!  It was interesting to see the children work together to plan and execute their traps with all the valuable junk they brought in.  Let’s see if the leprechauns visit tomorrow!  

Thank you for helping your children on their Lenten journey through the “small sacrifices” found on the Lenten bouquet which was sent home.  We are also learning about different parts of the world and the needs of other people through the Rice Bowl challenge.

It would be most helpful if you let your children practice counting coins at home!  We are learning the values of nickels, dimes and quarters, and different ways to make them.  We will begin time in a few weeks.   In science, we will  study digestion and the major organs of our body.  In reading, we will focus on parts of speech, ways to make long “e”, and making inferences when we read, an important skill in comprehension.  We will be taking the Reading Skills test.  

The words for next week remain the same.   For each group’s sentence,   I will grade punctuation, capitalization and correct spelling of the weekly words.  Also, please have your children practice sorting their words correctly so that they can place them in the proper sorts on their weekly tests.  

Green —  short “e”  and long vowel patterns  “ee”  “ea”  with oddball

less     next     week     teeth     keep     feet     teach     leaf     weak     clean     speak     been

I will teach you how to keep your teeth clean.


Purple:  short “a”   and  long “a__e”   with oddball

sack     ask     grass     snap     last   same     made        rake     face     page     came     what

I will rake and cut the grass.  


Orange:  Word endings with “ck” short    “__ke” long   and   “k” 

truck     sock     lick     pack     like     smoke     strike     spoke     book    look     cook     shook

I will pack a book that I like.  


Yellow:  short “o”     “o__e_     oddball

spot     chop     hot     rock     job     stove     rose     broke     hole     home     come     some

I will come to your home to fix your stove.  



Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Nichols


Here are some upcoming events:


Thursday, March 23 — Reading Celebration, 2:00  (Please note: this is a 

change from the previously-scheduled date of March 16.)

Thursday, April 6 — Lenten Activity Day

Friday, April 7 — End of 3rd quarter

Thursday, April 13 — Noon dismissal for Easter holiday






























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