March 22, 2017


3B – Ms. Reilly

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We have found the Messiah; Come and you will see.


Please don’t forget to encourage your child to meet  the 6 AR book minimum for this quarter.  The 3rd quarter ends April 7th. 



Reminder:  Please donate a package or two of small prizes/treasures to our treasure box if your child is numbered alphabetically 22 through 30 (Smith through Williams).  Please ignore this message if you already donated prizes to our treasure box.   Thank you for your help and generosity.


Yearbook Order form address:


  Spelling :  study spelling words for Friday’s test


Language Arts:  Helping verbs worksheet -even numbers


Reading: N/A (New vocabulary words to know:  appreciate, grazing, population, starve, surrounding, territory, wander)


Math:   1) Math text p. 227,  #11 and 12;  2) study 6-9 facts thru 9 x 12 for a timed quiz next week (50 problems in 2 1/2 minutes)  


Social Studies: Study Great Lakes states for test this Friday; color and label map also due Friday  (Students must identify on a blank map all the region’s states*, names of capital cities with stars showing their locations in the states, and postal abbreviations for the states. *State names should be spelled correctly.  Current Region: the Great Lakes States:   St. Paul, Minnesota, MN;  Madison, Wisconsin, WI; Lansing, Michigan, MI; Indianapolis, Indiana, IN; Columbus, Ohio, OH; Springfield, Illinois, IL; 5 Great Lakes known as HOMES: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

FYI: has drag and click games for learning states and capital cities.)



Science:    N/A


Religion:  El Salvador worksheet due Friday


  Other:  N/A


Word of the Week: 19. jovial- adj-merry, cheerful, joyful.  Ex. Santa Claus is a very jovial character.


  Idiom of the Week: 19. “zip your lips “- be quiet.  Ex. The librarian asked us to zip our lips. 


Tomorrow’s Special(s); Art, PE, Library/Computer (odd/even)

 Helpful websites for state research:  (mentions what state is famous for)  \

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