March 22, 2017


4B – Mr. Dwane



We have found the Messiah; Come and you will see.

Wednesday,  March 22nd, 2017

Virtue of the Month is Mercy

Reminder: Bring in a canned ham by Friday for Bethany’s Food Pantry’s Easter food drive. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Here’s the link for the yearbook order form:

Religion: Start to memorize the Lenten prayer(Due next Tuesday)

Our Lenten Prayer

God of all people,

You walk with us on our life’s journey.

You know our joys and struggles.

You know us better than than we know ourselves.

This Lenten season, my we too learn to walk with others.

Through prayer, fasting and almsgiving, may we encounter

you in our neighbors in need and live your call to serve

our human family.


Reading: Workbook page 193(Plot)-Quiz on Thursday

Go for the Gold!

Math: Geometry page 121

Study math facts for 5 minutes using “Math Flash”

English: Helping verbs page 67(Memorize Helping Verb song by next Wednesday)

Helping verbs, helping verbs, there are 23! Am, is, are, was and were, being, been, and be, Have, has, had, do, does, did, will, would, shall and should. There are five more helping verbs: may, might, must, can, could!(To the tune of Jingle Bells)


Below is a link to flashcards and other activities that  go along with the orange vocabulary series.

Spelling:  None

Social Studies: Finish social studies page by tomorrow

Science: Complete Mountain ecosystem page. Quiz on Friday (Study flashcards to prepare)

**Special schedule:

Day                     Special                            Start                   Stop

Monday             PE                                     10:30 AM          11:00 AM

Monday           Lib/Comp                          1:30 PM             2:10 PM

Tuesday           Lib/Comp                          9:45 AM            10:25 AM

Wednesday     PE                                       9:30 AM              10:00 AM

Wednesday      Music                                 1:25 PM               2:10 PM

Thursday          Art                                      12:45 PM             1:30 PM

Thursday          Spanish                              1:30 PM               2:00 PM

Friday                Spanish                              12:40 PM               1:10 PM




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