April 28, 2017


Band – Mr. Ward

All Saints (5th – 8th) Grade Band
Band Schedule 

Tuesday, March 28th

It has finally arrived!
Arlington Diocese Band Festival (adv. only)
Saturday, April 1st – arrival time: 8:45 A.M.
Bishop Ireton High School

Advanced Band Lessons
Group 2 Adv. 5th – 8th Grade Clarinets/Bass Clar. at 8:30
Group 3 Adv. 5th – 8th Alto Sax at 9:00
Group 4 Adv. 5th – 8th Trumpets at 9:30
Group 5 Adv. Trom. Bari,tuba at 10:00
Group 6 Adv. 5th – 8th Drums at 10:30
Group 1 Adv. 5th – 8th Flutes at 11:00
Krysta Drone tuba – at 11:30
All students are asked to come to class, with or without their instruments!

Beginner Band Lessons –
Group 3 Beg. Alto Sax 4A only at 12:00
Group 3A Beg. Alto Sax 4B only at 12:30
Group 4 Beg. Trumpets at 1:00
Group 5 Beg. Trombone at 1:00
Group 6 Beg. Drums at 1:30
Group 1 Beg. All Flutes 2:00
Group 2 Beg. Clarinets at 12:30
All students are asked to come to class, with or without their instruments!

Yes – After School Advanced Band Rehearsal
all 5th – 8th grade advanced band studentsare required to practice after school each Tuesday,
from 3:05 to 3:55 P.M. Pick up is front of school, next to Flag. March is 7th grade clean up.

Arlington Diocese Band Festival (assessment) on Saturday, April 1st. All advanced band member are asked to be at this assessment of our band. Performance time is from 8:45 A.M. to 9:30 A.M.

Correction: Hershey Park/Lancaster Permission forms list the band trip as May 18th, however the Band trip to Hershey is on Friday, May 19th. Please note.

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