June 23, 2017


Counselor’s Corner

All Saints Catholic School Mission Statement

With Christ as the center of our lives and empowered by the Spirit, All Saints Catholic School, in partnership with families, promotes faith formation and academic excellence with in a safe, nurturing, and welcoming community.

 My goal as school counselor is to support the social and emotional needs of all students at All Saints Catholic School. I will provide intervention and prevention instruction, programs, and services to encourage a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment. The school counseling program will be data driven so that services provided will meet the needs of our students with proven methods.


What does a school counselor do?

  • Helps each child be their best by teaching skills for social, emotional, and personal growth.
  • Encourages respect for self and others, good decision making skills, and personal safety.
  • When students are experiencing distress which makes it difficult for them to participate or focus in the classroom, I can help them to work through current concerns and find resources as needed.

As the school counselor of All Saints Catholic School, I am careful that all counseling and instruction that I do is informed by Catholic teaching and its understanding of the human person.

How do children come to see the counselor?

  • Parent referral: You may request that your child come to see me by calling or sending in a note. Some reasons that you might request a meeting is if you are concerned about your child because of:
    • a difficult life event that the family is going through (for example, a loss, conflict, recent move),
    • frequent, recurrent and disruptive emotions (such as anxiety or sadness),
    • Or difficulty forming friendships
  • Teacher referral: A teacher may refer your child to see me if he or she is
    • in an agitated state,
    • frequently having difficulty socially or emotionally
    • regularly exhibiting emotions or behaviors that are keeping him or her from being able to focus on school
    • students involved in a bullying situation will be referred to me for conflict resolution and building a partnership with families to improve the environment for all involved
  • Self referral: A student may ask to come see me if he or she is regularly
    • feeling very upset and cannot concentrate on school.
    • dealing with a difficult social, behavioral, or emotional concern
    • worried about a classmate
  • Administrative referral:  The principal or assistant principal may refer you and your child to me if they feel that the student is turning up in their office due to social/emotional issues that may be better resolved in counseling than through discipline.

What is counseling like? 

There are three types of counseling that I provide in the school setting: individual, group, and classroom instruction.

  • Individual: students who are very upset or having a difficult time solving a social problem can visit my office and tell me what is wrong; we will then find various solutions in order to help the student can get back to doing what all children want to do: learn and play.
  • Group:for students to support each other through difficult life circumstances and in learning social and emotional skills:
    • grief
    • conflicts
    • family stresses
    • social skills
  • Classroom instruction: this environment is especially conducive for providing prevention programs that address the needs of all students:
    • Bullying
    • Virtue formation
    • Social Skills
    • Coping skills
    • Problem solving strategies
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