June 23, 2017


Telling Vs. Tattling

Tattling is trying to get someone unnecessarily into trouble.

Telling is trying to get someone out of trouble.

Reporting bullying behavior
  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Relational
Reporting discomfort due to inappropriate behavior
Reporting dangerous behavior
  • Drugs
  • Inappropriate Activities
Why is it important to report these concerns?
  • You are a child of God and as such you have dignity. That means that it is not okay to allow others to treat you or others badly.
  • If someone unintentionally hurts us, we can offer that up as a sacrifice and forgive them.
  • If they intentionally and repeatedly hurt us or another then they must be stopped for their benefit as well as ours.
How do I report a concern?
  • Find an opportunity to talk to the teacher privately.
  • Immediately! Let the teacher know, when it happens.
  • Talk with a parent who can call or email the teacher.
  • Talk with the counselor or another trusted adult.
  • Ask a friend to help you.
Problem Behaviors that must be reported:
  • Gossip: Talking about other people, spreading lies or embarrassing truths
  • Teasing: Among friends and about things that are not too personal or hurtful may be acceptable. Do not tease someone about something that they are sensitive about or that they cannot help
  • Harrassment: Repeatedly bothering someone: teasing, unwanted attention, threats
  • Relational Aggression: Excluding someone from a friendship, threatening a friend with exclusion or telling a secret if they don’t do what you want, etc.
Stop problem behaviors:
  • It is the best thing for you. God created you to be good and you will be happiest when you are being kind to others.
  • People will trust and like you better and you will be proud of yourself.
  • To get better at it keep trying and apologize if you get it wrong.
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