August 24, 2016


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accessible all summer …check out books, resource lists, webpath express

 Even though school is out for summer break, students can continue to search through Destiny Quest, Title Peek, WebPath Express and Ebooks.   The All Saints school community can remotely access the school library collection 24/7 from multiple devices or simply choose to download the Follett App. Dive in and take the plunge to read this summer and be a 21st Century Learner!

 FOLLETTSHELF EBOOKSFollettShelf  offers All Saints students a collection of  EBook titles.  Students can access FollettShelf titles on any internet-enabled device (phone, ipad, PC).  Access allows students to “browse” the books online for up to 15 minutes (without checking out), or you can check out your book just as you would any print format book.  The EBook will automatically be returned in 14 days.  Checking the book out ensures that you can access the book online at anytime, or you can download it for reading later in Follett’s offline reader. You can search for Follett EBooks using the All Saints Destiny Library Online Catalog with a student username and password account. Students rising to 5th through 8th grade have Ebook accounts. Also, check out this video for DESTINY QUEST!     


Ebooks easy to download and read simply click on the link below to use with your personal device!

Follett BryteWave™ K-12 Edition Installation Options….. Kindle, Nook, MAC OS X, Apple Store, Play Store, Windows



CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the ALL SAINTS BATTLE OF THE BOOKS TEAM for winning first place in the Lightning Round at the 28th Annual Battle of the Books Competition!  All BOB participants traveled to Arlington, Virginia for the yearly event and competed against a record number of 23 schools across the Diocese.  The schools were quizzed for over 3 hours on the 15 books that they have read all year long.  
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Check Out the new books added to the collection. Students are very excited about getting their books, but in order for them to check out another book they must remember to bring back their library books by the due date.

K-2nd 1 Book
Due back in 1 Week

3rd – 8th 2 Books
Due back in 2 Weeks

All grades can check out additional books for assignments!




Points required to be a Gold Medal Reader:
2nd grade-10 points
3rd grade- 15 points
4th grade- 20 points
5th grade- 30 points


What is the Accelerated Reader Program?

The Accelerated Reader Program is a computerized reading enrichment program that combines great children’s literature with computer skills. Students will read a book and then take a computer quiz that is given in a multiple choice format. As an individualized reading program, it is designed to motivate students to read more.

How does a student get started?

A students target reading level is usually determined by grade level. For example, a student in 3rd grade would have a typical reading range between 3.0 and 3.9. However, students read at different levels and the reading or book range can be adjusted.

What grades take AR quizzes?

Students in grades 2nd through 8th are encouraged to take AR quizzes. It is important that a student can independently read the book and operate the AR computer program to answer a series of multiple choice questions.

How does a student select an AR book?

The Goal is to motivate students to read more and to enrich their reading experiences. Along with the reading level is a point value. The point value is usually determined by the length of the book, while the reading level is associated with the vocabulary. There are books that are 4.0 reading level worth 1 point and some that are the same reading level worth 9 points. It is a combination that the AR organization establishes.

How many questions are on an AR quiz?

The number of questions will be influenced by the difficulty of the book level. Normally quizzes will have 5, 10 or 20 questions.

What is considered a good AR score?

The objective is to score at 80% or above on the AR quizzes. Scoring lower may indicate that the material is too difficult, and the student should select a book at the lower end of their reading level. A student that scores at 95% or above at the upper end of their reading level, may need to adjust their reading range higher.

When can students take AR quizzes?

Students may take the AR quizzes during their weekly library class or during recess  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Also, Book Fair Week the library is closed for book checkout and AR quizzes.

What are the AR requirements?

The AR program requirements are set up independently by each teacher.

How does the library facilitate the AR program?

There are 15 wireless laptops that have the access to over 150,000 AR quizzes.  Renaissance Learning hosts the All Saints AR program and determines book titles, book levels and number of points for quizzes.  Also, the Gold Medal Reader program is an optional reading incentive that tracks students AR points.

Does every book have an AR quiz?

No, not every book title has an AR quiz, but there are over a hundred thousand AR quizzes. Most popular titles have an AR Quiz.  Parents can search for AR Book titles through the Home Connect link on the All Saints web site homepage then click on AR Book Finder .  If you did not sign up for Home Connect a parent can email the library to receive a letter with the information to complete the process.

If a student fails an AR quiz, can the test be taken again?

No, once a student takes an AR quiz he/she can never re-take the quiz regardless if they passed or failed the quiz. The AR program tracks the students history of quizzes taken and the data is stored.






Thanks to the generous contribution of the PTO, the All Saints Media Center implemented new resource management software called Destiny Library. Destiny gives the school an Internet-based approach to searching for books as well as finding additional resources for students. The All Saints school community can remotely access the school library collection 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection. This year students will be learning to utilize Destiny Quest, Title Peek, WebPath Express and One Search. The new system is geared to appeal to the 21st century learner!

Destiny Library –

Gale Databases

Gale®part of Cengage Learning is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. The Library of Virginia provides free access to several databases.  Gale is best known for its accurate and authoritative reference content as well as its intelligent organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles.


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