March 22, 2017


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5th Grade Students 

 Dear 5th Grade,
   Quarter 3 Examen II will be on Friday, March 17th for 5A and 5B. Students will be tested on the conjugations of tener along with the tener expressions. Students must conjugate the nouns according to the subject given (See examples below.) See the notes below for complete study materials. You may also use the “Quizizz” link below to help you study. Please enter your first name only as your username.
*Homework Assignment (3/10/2017)
Complete the Quizizz below
 Click the link below and enter the game pin.
Game Code:376853
If you would like to play twice, enter the game code again and add the number 2 to your username. (Example Brian =Brian2)
 Tener- to have/be (when combined with certain nouns)
Yo tengo- I have
Tú tienes- You have
él tiene- He has
Ella tiene- She has
Usted tiene- You (formal) have
Nosotros tenemos- We have
Ellos tienen- They have (masculine)
Ellas tienen- They have (feminine)
Ustedes tienen- You (plural) have
Sample Test Questions:
Complete the sentence with the correct form of tener.
Mi padre_____frio.
Maria y Nico_____calor.
Which sentence says He is hungry.
A. Ella tiene hambre.
B. El tiene sed.
C. El tiene hambre.
D. Nosotros tiene sed.
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